Eclipsing Your Future Possibilities


Originally Broadcast September 1, 2016
New Moon with Solar Eclipse


Come join me as we use the power of this solar eclipse and new moon as we map out our future potentials and possibilities. During this spontaneous transmission of the divine Shakti, we will explore future timelines of manifestation for your soul path and destiny.

In spite of the current and future world events that are and will unfold, it is important to keep our focus on what is possible within our realm of creativity and healing. It is important to not get distracted by the fears and projections of the world around us, to remain level-headed and heart-focused and to keep our cool.

So, my friends, now is the time to clear our channels so we can experience the greatest of feelings, thoughts and emotions as we move into 5th dimensional comprehension, action, being and reaching your potential.

Are you, and your friends, ready to get on with life and to be the creator you were born To Be? Share with me your presence in this unique event.

Blessings from the red rocks, Kenji


“Kenji raises our level of consciousness so we are in higher level of understanding……… from this point we are able to solve the problem in a way that serves Our highest good.”
– Rose Booth

“Love you, Kenji! It is so fantastic that people are waking up and realizing the truth you show us. We are remembering who we truly are.”
– Ursula Kim-Defferary

Eclipsing Your Future