Emerging from the Shadows of Time


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5 MP3 Activation Journey
2 hours and 47 minutes of Audio


This journey will be one of self-discovery, release, and clearing, in order to raise your energetic vibration to the level of neutrality where miracles occur and life flows with ease and grace.

  • Align with your heart energy
  • Enhanced clarity and focus
  • Heal traumas and anxiety
  • Awaken spiritual gifts and intuition
  • Enhance feelings of love towards others
  • Confidence in your relationships, health, business, and well being

Activation 1 Your Journey Begins


Start your journey and inhale; relax every ounce of yourself and breathe in all the intentions for this retreat.  Allowing this excursion to bring you all the benefits you desire as you go inside and align with the amazing connections and healings to take place.  Use the breath to bring in and set the stage for this magical multi-activation voyage, allowing all possibilities to be present and welcomed.

Activation 2 Clearing the Path


As we continue on our path, we ground our body to the earth; positioning and protecting and aligning ourselves to the amazing energies we connect to.  Inviting the 7 rays of light to illuminate all that we are becoming aware of, both in our physicality and the Quantum.  Connect your heart with that of the great central sun while igniting your pineal gland.  Create intentions to release any past traumas, opening your third eye to clarity and recognition, enabling you to move forward in this life path.


Activation 3 Propelling Forward


Are you feeling Stuck? Need assistance in money, business, and relationships? Tune right into this activation to propel you forward into the life you deserve.  Detach from all the negative surroundings including the problems of the world and reclaim your own space.  Take a moment to release your shadows, representing pain, fear, anxiety, and worry. Letting them go and breathing in miraculous consciousness. Awaken your entire body, while bringing in the earth mother to help release all the extra pain you may have been carrying. You are on your way to an enlightened path, your angels are here to guide and help you safely on your journey.

Activation 4 Rebirth and Awaken


Connect once gain with your 4 Arch Angels, as you feel your body relaxing and merging with the earth. Surrounded by guides, angles and soul family to help support this experience you are encountering.  Calling forth your star brothers and sisters of light to raise the frequency of your field and connect with the power of the Phoenix. Bring healing to your whole cellular and physical body, any parts that may need repair while relinquishing any trauma that is left.  Allow this amazing clearing from the beginning of this lifetime, and breath in your own essence.  Completing you and restoring all that has been released, removing all sacrifice and pain and ascending into a higher realm.

Activation 5 Emergence


Detach and remerge with the golden arc of light to divulge into the deeper dimensions of your being.  From this greater perspective we can download all the golden sun energy right into the heart of your pineal gland.  Enabling access to unlimited information along with your own Akashic and Soul records.  You have access to all the power, knowledge, and guidance allowing you to see all that is needed and wanted. Envision your pyramid of the Pineal, Pituitary and Thalamus glands as your trinity and embark all the power that is there for you.  Put your Ego aside and take control as the director of your life, the pilot of your lightship, the creator of all of you in all your dimensions and parallel realities.  Feel the energy, feel the love and emerge as the full complete source you were meant to be.

Recorded live at Kenji’s Weekend Retreat – May 27-29 2016 SITD Retreat