Activate Your Manifestation Superpowers — 6 Activation Package


360 minutes of Mp3 Activations
6 Audio Activations


Did you know the Universe is waiting to give you everything you desire for your life?


Are there things you want in life but aren’t getting?  A good relationship? More money? Better health? A Vacation?

You are already a powerful manifestor, but you need to activate this superpower so you can consciously use it.  


Are you ready to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of?


This Activation Package is Kenji’s 6 Best Activations to activate your Manifestation Superpowers.

The key to manifestation is aligning the mind and the heart towards your manifestation.  In the first activation in this package, “Unify the Mind & Heart for Manifestation Activation,” we will be clearing and activating the channel between your heart and your mind.  Get ready to become a manifestation powerhouse! 

These activations will help you tap into the empowerment aspect of manifestation and the quantum side of the law of attraction. 

We will learn to use intention, imagination, and feeling to manifest our Soul’s life purpose. 

Your friends and relatives will begin to wonder why everything you want comes to you.  (You can let them in on this secret) . Listen to each of these MP3 meditation activations until they integrate into your system.

The masters will be present to join you on this sacred journey of light.

What You Get:

  • 360 minutes of Audio
  • 6 MP3 Activations
  • Theme: Manifestation

Activations Included:

  • Unify the Mind & Heart for Manifestation Activation
    • ​In this activation, we will unify the mind and heart in the manifesting process. We will learn to let go of the past and to invoke the future into our NOW moment. We will learn to use intention, imagination, and feeling to manifest our Soul’s life purpose.
  • Power of 1: Empowerment Manifestation
    • The Power of 1 is at hand. Prepare your awareness for the empowerment that you have been asking for. We will be working with the power of the 1:11 – the power of the 1 and the power of the 11 stargate. Together, these numerical energies can empower your creative force, your creativity through the portals of space and time into the realms of the “timeless,” where anything is possible.
  • Power of 22: Master Manifestor
    • The power of 22 can be enormous. 22 is a master builder. It is a 2 doubled. 2’s are receptive, nurturing, supportive. The keynote of 22 is revelation. We are taking a journey into that mystical realm to experience not only what revelation feels like, but also what it can do humanity in this 3D world of duality. We will co-create our divine destiny using the power of 22. Let us build together the kind of world we desire to live in and the kinds of spiritual connections we all want. The 22 activation can be your foundation for building a life of Light, Joy and Eternal Peace. The masters will be present to join you on this sacred journey of light.
  • 3 Fold Manifestation Activation 
    • We will use the three-fold manifesting process and experience periods of deep silence so the body can begin to absorb and take in more of the quantum frequencies of oneness, bliss and joy.
  • Healing Unconscious Stress
    • Stress will hold you back from your manifestation powers.  Let’s heal unconscious stress and tension. We will work on the 4 lower bodies in bringing forward your areas of unconsciousness relating to becoming fully awake, alive and a soul manifesting presence on the earth. Deepen your ability to expand, connect and align with your divine presence. This is an opportunity to make huge vibrational shifts in consciousness and heal long-standing issues of self identity and self esteem.
  • Quantum Goal Setting Activation
    • Join us in this meditation as we set goals and create mind-body balance. Great for the nervous system and your brain-heart alignment. Relaxing and energizing activation and food for the soul.  Listen to this at the beginning of every month to set your monthly goals/intentions.  Having goals is the most important aspect of manifestation.  


What People Are Saying

“The energy is potent and life-changing; I have been powerfully impacted in a very positive way by the activations.”
– Amber J.

“I’ve done the inner work for the past 7 years and followed you and as a result massive shifts have occurred from your activations.”
– R.B.

“It feels like your activations get stronger every time. I feel so light, so much clarity, and my entire body is head to toe goosebumps. You are fabulous!”
– Dezarae S.

This is an amazing healing journey that I’m on with your activations and I can’t thank you enough for that!”
– L.R.