Harvest Full Moon Activation – Shadow Work, Ancestors & Gratitude


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You are invited into a deep dive into the shadow world of your ancestors and family world. The collective unconscious holds the historical pattern of experiences that have not been emotionally and psychologically resolved and healed, and hence, collects in the astral plane and is acted out, as it were, through unconscious behaviors and actions that we would call extreme behaviors and thought processes.

The Photon Energy and Earth’s ascension process and solar flares are bringing up these unconscious patterns for healing. For some, this is obvious and the desire for healing and clarity has begun; for others, it feels like something is off and needs to be addressed but they have no direction or focus as to where to look.

In this Harvest Full Moon activation, we will have the opportunity to harvest and retrieve from our unconscious the remnants and fragments from our individual and collective past so we can bring these experiences into the present NOW moment for integration and completion. The live and organic activation can have lasting effects for the rest of the year, so be prepared for profound changes. Divine assistants will be present to comfort and guide you into the unknown.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live, Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021