Healing Through The Breakdown And Changes


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An event with Beth Herndobler and Kenji Kumara.

We are at a crucial pivotal point in our Creation. Recent studies show that since the beginning of 2020 and the pandemic, levels of anxiety and stress have exponentially expanded. Depression, especially among teens, is on the rise. Suicide attempts are sadly also increasing.   This free event is a call to anyone who is, or has friends and family who are, experiencing heightened stress, tension, anxiety, fear and doubt as well as those who are facing major financial, emotional, mental, medical and psychic (energetic and vibrational) challenges.

We are in the midst of the most profound changes that the planet and humanity has ever experienced. The call to action has been sent out to the whole universe. We are being called to find our truth, our true nature, our true role in the evolution and ascension of this planet, solar system and galaxy. The time of the great awakening is upon us all, including all of Nature. This is the time of the collapse of the old matrix, the old outdated patriarchal paradigm, and the creation of the new earth matrix. It is a time that asks us all to choose higher, to let go and let love.

If you (and/or your family, friends, colleagues and associates) are experiencing:

  • Mental fatigue, anxiety and confusion
  • Emotional stress and overwhelm
  • Physical symptoms of dis-comfort and dis-ease
  • Financial challenges and stress about money
  • Challenges around long-held Spiritual beliefs
  • Children’s stress
  • Challenges to Trust and Faith


Emotions not expressed over time will build up in the organs and systems of the body. Unprocessed emotions get trapped in the individual and collective Unconscious (4th D astral plane). This creates a Shadow aspect of you that is also expressed in the health of your Inner Child aspect. So too beliefs, ideas, patterns and paradigms held within that are out-of-alignment with the truth and light and you, affect your health and spiritual well-being. If these are based on illusions, miscreated ideas and non-truths, they will eventually manifested in the body-mind connection and affect how you manage life unconsciously.

In this call, Beth and Kenji will share their perspectives as to how to deal with the many issues and challenges arising during this Earth Change. There will also be an Intention Prayer to support you to activate your ancient wisdom and inner knowing on how to navigate through the many changes yet-to- come.

If you are ready to embrace new Spiritual perspectives, and to deepen those already held that align with your highest good and the highest good of all then this call is for you.


  • Go within to find and embrace your truth and light
  • Take time to reconnect at deeper levels with Nature and our beloved Pachamama’s miraculous healing forces
  • Recreate and reimagine yourself and your life path to flow on purpose with ease and grace
  • Embrace your creativity and intuitive gifts to serve others
  • Fully heal on all levels
  • Shift your focus to self-care and flowing what’s in your highest good
  • Make needed lifestyle changes that will allow you to open to your purpose including  lifestyle changes, moving homes, changing jobs or career, letting go of
  • relationships that do not serve, needed dietary changes and exercise routines
  • Reestablish and deepen your daily spiritual practice, learn meditation and relaxation techniques

Then join us on this FREE HEALING CALL for inspiration on how to move forward into all you are here to be, do have and create beyond the 3D challenges and chaos.

* To expand the M-Field and energetic power of the work, please share this announcement to your list, to your peeps, to your tribe and everyone you know, regardless of religious and spiritual perspectives, including your family members.