Health Restoration II (Part 2) Lungs


Originally Broadcast May 2018
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This is for only one part of the 3 part “Health and Restoration II” series.  You can purchase the full 3 Part Health & Restoration II Series at a discount here.

Health Restoration – The Lungs (Congestion, Breath Of Life)

The Lungs represent the “In and Out” of Life. The Lungs teach us to be present to Life. The Lungs say Yes to Life. When we are out of balance, and hence, out of the present moment, we suffer respiratory and breathing issues like asthma and shortness of breath. The Lungs symbolizes “The Giver of Life”. I live my life as I breathe is the slogan.

In this class, we will explore how our emotional states and belief system affects how we breathe life into our lives. We will find out how to change and shift our vibrations to create a more balanced outlook on life. We will practice a simple yet profound breathing technique to increase our “Chi” and bring vitality to our whole system.

**Kenji’s recordings are evergreen, so they can be used forever with the same benefits. We also suggest drinking water before and after listening to the activations. Do not listen while operating heavy machinery, using power tools, and/or while driving. Please be grounded before driving your car.

Originally broadcast Thursday, 5/17/18