Generational Healing 8.8 (Part 8) Mystic-Healer Archetypes


1 Hour Presentation
Recorded March 14th, 2019

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Part 8 of an 8 Week Workshop Series using the power of 8 (As Above-So Below, Infinity, Oneness, Unity) .

Series Overview

In this unique online series, join me in un-earthing and uncovering the truth as we initiate the generational healing codes to clear not only your body’s DNA but the DNA of your current family members and your family tree. The buck stops here now as we delete the pain and suffering code and replace it with the peace and joy code, which is our natural inheritance.

** You can purchase the full series at a discount here

Part 8 – Mystic-Healer Archetypes – 1 Hour

In this class 8, our concluding presentation to this series, we will go more into the mystery school teachings regarding the Mystic and the Healer archetypes. In our history, the mystic-healer were rarely recognized and accepted by mainstream society and organized religions. Mystics and healers were largely underground and out of sight. They were not understood by the masses or political and military leaders. Oftentimes, even today, the mystic-healer had to pick and choose his/her company to share with and confide in. We will journey deep into the timeline to heal our past regrets and memories of not being accepted and trusted. We will heal the pain of unpleasant deaths and imprisonments so we can be free to be the conscious mystic-healer we were born to be and express.

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