Interview with Kenji and Pargash


Includes recordings of Part 1 – “Interview with Kenji and Pargash” and Part 2 -“The Dream Of Remembrance”



Part 1 – “Interview with Kenji and Pargash” – 37 mins

Kenji conducts this interview with author and energy healing promoter, Pargash Giorgi , of Australia in September 2013.  The intention of the call is to reach out to those affected with breast cancer and other similar ailments; this message is for anyone ready to bust the illusion of suffering.

Part 2 -“The Dream Of Remembrance” – 35 minutes

An inner quantum journey into clearing the imprints and ancestral conditioning of breast, lung and lymphatic cancer and other illnesses. In the 7 minute silence, you can re-discover the soul of You and receive the blessings of your next evolutionary step, releasing yourself from the bondage of suffering and pain.

Let your Spirit guide you on this infinite possibility journey of awakening to the remembrance of your true Home and Destiny. You will get all that you need for your journey of recovery of Self and your Destiny. The benefits are on-going, so it is recommended you listen to this activation on a regular basis until complete. Allow all after-effects in unconditional love and allowance, and all will be well, indeed.