Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Activation


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Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Activation
Releasing fear and preparing for Change

In this lunar eclipse event, you will have the opportunity to create massive change and transformation in your life. Use the power of this lunar event to go deep within for the transmutation of hidden fears, phobias and mental traumas. The full moon will help you to bring the light of awareness into your hidden shadow aspects and past lives so you can bring those memories into the Light of Transformation.

In order to move into the higher dimensions of consciousness, one must first release the density and the burdens of the past, be they family and/or marriage traumas, early childhood memories and/or unconscious past lives. The density is held within our subatomic level, whether it is on the etheric planes or our physical bodies. The brain records all life experiences as does the Soul. Memories are stored in our personal Akashic Records. The Earth has her own Akashic Records as well.

In this powerful event, you will have the opportunity to heal and transform the unconscious self and the memories that have dragged upon you and created the sense of carrying burdens upon your shoulders (yours, the family, the ancestors, humanity and the earth). It is time to collapse the burdens of time and to come into Present Time reality (burdens keep you in the past and stuck on your timeline).

Come join us as we bring in the Comedy Team to help lighten up the burden and the stress of earth life. Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

This recording is evergreen. Recorded live Sunday, November 29, 2020