Magnetic Healing Part 4 – Vertical-Horizontal-Solar Pt Realignment Full Moon


Recorded Live Nov 27, 2023
52 Minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Part 4 of the Magnetic Healing Series will cover Vertical-Horizontal and Solar Pt Realignment. This is a powerful process of energizing and reenforcing the power points of the body and magnetic field. The Archangels, Christopher and Gabriel will work with your Solar Point, Heart Value Point, Communication Point and Receptive Point thereby enhancing your all-knowing capacity, sovereignty and independence, wisdom gifts and conceptual deductions.

The benefits of this process may include alignment of body meridians and the entire E-M field, connects your V/H Shield Points, emotional stability and release when necessary, greater emotional interaction with your immune system, improvement with cell reproduction and vitality, greater production of hormones if necessary, releases toxins and enhances self healing capacities.

Mother Mary will assist and support in the cleansing and clearing process and give loving attention to your Inner Child. GAIA will help with grounding, centering and aligning to its higher dimensional matrices.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend in the 5th dimension. Bring a water bottle, pen and notebook. This session can either be received laying down or sitting upright.

Prepare spiritually for this class: Detox baths, earthing exercises and Nature walks are suggested. For the session, light a white candle, burn Frankincense essential oil, sage your space and wear colors of white, gold and pink.

Full Moon energies will be present.

“I woke the next day in a sense of serenity I haven’t experienced for a long time. It’s been awhile since I connected and had forgotten how incredibly powerful and healing his energy is.
Many, Many thanks!”
– Linda

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