New Earth Transmission 1


Audio + Video Activation
52 Minutes

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This is the first in a new 2021 Series on New Earth Transmission. We will become a clear and perfect channel for transmitting and receiving the initial levels of the new earth and the Age of Aquarius.

We will tap into the 5-D dimensional grid system and have the opportunity to move beyond 5-D into the higher dimensions as you drop the burdens of the 3-D and 4-D matrix. It is time to infuse your etheric and physical body with more divine light. The more light your body can embody, the more your consciousness expands and the greater Joy and Love you will express into the world. Your body has the capacity to hold 100% dvine light. At that point, your Inner Sun will shine brightly in all dimensions, in all ways, in all timelines.

There will be periods of deep silence, as our core receives the Light. This is bey ond words, and anything is possible. Your ancestors and pets are welcome to attend and receive.

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Everygreen recording. Recorded live Sunday, Jan 24, 2021