New Moon/Solar Eclipse Activation – Chakra Healing


Activation Meditation
Audio + Video
51 mins



During this special solar eclipse event, we will move into the deeper realms of chakra healing beyond the 7 chakra system into the 12 chakra system. There are 36 chakra levels that represent our trinity self, or the 3 in 1 concept. We have 12 male chakras, 12 female chakras and 12 universal or androginous chakras. We will use the 12 major rays of creation to initiate the healing process, which can be a spontaneous process beyond understanding.

Healing the chakras is important in the ascension process, just as is the healing of the original core fear and wounding, brain-heart trauma, in utero-birthing trauma, early childhood trauma, father-mother trauma, church trauma, schooling trauma, punishment trauma, first marriage trauma, past lives death trauma and general tribe consciousness mass hypnosis or imprinting trauma.

In this unique activation experience, we will go as deep into the healing of the chakras as you allow. Much will be given on the unseen levels, in your super consciousness mind and in your body’s sub atomic levels. Your ego personality and inner child are most welcome to attend. It is time for these levels to be free of pain and suffering and liberated into the new earth matrix. It is time for the unification of mind and body and for your spiritual and physical lives to be one and connected.

Your pets are most welcome to attend.

‘Recorded live April 30, 2022