Planetary Light Meditation 14


Activation Meditation

MP3 + Video Activation


In this continuing series, we go deeper into personal and planetary healing and the ascension process. As we head into the November elections, the breakdown of the old matrix is becoming very evident and you will witness extreme situations of distress, disorder and chaos. As the lockdown continues, you will witness the expression of emotional chaos, anger and conflict as the resistance to the Light increases in intensity.

Within yourself, you will see judgments arise as your unconscious is triggered by ancient and historical memories of Atlantis and galactic wars that are coming forth for healing and resolution. The planetary cleansing process is in full swing as we move towards our collective zero point. The challenge is to remain neutral and in a state of compassion and grace with those that are still asleep at the wheel.

What also is being triggered is our collective creativity and the activation of our innate gifts and knowingness. Now is the time to dig deep into our soul and to intend the kind of world we want to live in and how we desire to navigate our lives. We are at the collective destiny point as we each choose to know the truth and the divine plan. We will call forth Divine Intervention.

Recorded live, Oct 4, 2020