Planetary Light Meditation 17


Activation Meditation
Mp3 Audio + Video


As we collectively move towards the Great Awakening that will be triggered by this year’s winter’s solstice and cosmic earth initiation, today we will gather as One to bring forth individual and collective healing and cleansing for our 4 lower bodies and the atmosphere of GAIA, thereby allowing greater Light and Blessings to be bestowed upon the Earth and humanity.

22 is a powerful master number and we will use this vibration in anchoring more light and compassion onto the planet, including inner earth. We will build upon the previous planetary light meditations, the special planetary transmission and the kenjination call to depend, expand and enhance our ability to manifest heaven on earth and the new paradigm.

We will journey deep within, to contact our high self, our divine helpers and to align to our true calling and life purpose. We will clear away the mental fog, the emotional heaviness, the uncertainties and doubts within our mental body, the stuck points in our physical body and collapse the unconscious resistance to change and moving forward into the great Unknown.

Together, we will bring forth another cosmic level planetary cleansing for all those that are ready and for the elementals and nature spirits of our beloved GAIA. We will channel the essence of the great central sun and Alpha and Omega, so be prepared for a very deep soul experience in your body.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Kenji’s activations are evergreen and can be listened to anytime with potent affects. This activation was recorded live Sun, Nov 22, 2020 10AM pst / 1PM est USA