Planetary Light Meditation 18


MP3 + Video Activation Meditation


As we approach the conclusion of a year of the unexpected, the unseen, the unfathomable, the extremes of polarity and the breakdown of the old matrix of illusion, this PLM is important in the sense of bringing to closure and integration the many changes that are birthing forth, for healing and for acceleration and expansion.

Our focus for this powerful event will be the gathering up of the remnants and fragments from our past and from this current year so that we can become more whole and complete within ourselves and with your physical vehicle of expression. We will be a clear and perfect channel for further earth cleansing and renewal and the Blessing of the elemental kingdom. Angels of completion will assist us as we journey deep into the Quantum to activate the power of Miracles and Blessings.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live Dec 6, 2020 at 10AM PST / 1PM EST