Planetary Light Meditation V


Online Live Meditation Event
Sunday, May 31


This is a followup call to the previous Planetary Light Meditations as we build the cumulative effects and benefits from the previous presentations. This call will focus on the possible Post Shift reactions that are coming up for review. There may be some delayed PTSD and anxiety symptoms that will arise, so this call will help you to deal with these deep subconscious reactions and even memories from past lives from Atlantis and beyond. The keynote is Trust, Faith, Courage and Divine Balance.

Join us for another powerful transmission from the Realms of Light and Love.

“Thank You Kenji! I just finished the call and wanted to express how powerful the Activation was! Your words are always very synchronistic with where I am in consciousness! You cover so much ground and leave no stone unturned as to the need of the hour! You are a Blessing to our planet and all life evolving here!”

~ O.K. Asheville, NC