Releasing the Burdens of Time


Recorded at the Center for Divine Awareness, Phoenix AZ
April 3, 2016 at 12 noon – 3pm



Use the power of the Sedona, Arizona vortices to help ground and align you during this activation series. Release worry and to-do lists as you breath in the healing lights, relaxing your spine and becoming one with the earth. Therapeutic and healing energies are being released through this activation.

With these activations you can:

● Release stress and worry
● Realign with your higher self and mother earth
● Reach a higher level of relaxation
● Rejuvenate your Brain Function
● Help heal yourself and feel better
● Easily tap into the Quantum Space

Activation 1
Remembrance of Relaxation
Kenji gives you the remembrance of how to create the relaxation response as a preparatory and healing activation. Use this activation prior to bed at night, meditation, yoga or anything you need to be aligned to. Draw in energies to create the decalcification of your pineal gland and cleansing of your optic nerves. Receive the healing frequencies from the sun to engulf your body and mind.

Activation 2
Sun Within
Recall the last deep activation experience of relaxation and feeling of being connected as you merge your energy with the light and healing powers of the great sun. All your cells will be awaken and aligned during this session. Invoke the missing parts of you that can integrate with the rest of you. Repair and reset, back into your awareness of the here and now. Activate the deep capacities of your brain allowing you to heal and recreate itself. Come on back with the awareness and knowing of how to love yourself unconditionally and your abilities to tap into the quantum space.


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