Restful Sleep Activation – New Moon


1 Hour MP3 Audio Activation


It’s Finally Here! This activation is for falling asleep and getting more restful sleep. Allow your body to heal you with the guidance of Kenji’s soothing voice as you fall asleep.

Given the nature of our current global Planetary Awakening Shift, we are offering a much needed activation for deep REM sleep. Our bodies need this sleep time to regenerate, rejuvenate, recharge and reset our brain and heart rhythm. Our body clock will be off balance if we get sporadic sleep. Our bodies are based on natural alignment with the cycles of Nature, and when we get out of phase with this cycle, illnesses, diseases, injuries, accidents and traumas can occur. Our organs need sleep. Our glands need sleep. Our nervous system needs sleep. Without deep REM sleep, our whole mind-body connection suffers.

This activation is designed to address the following:  insomnia, anxiety, depression, constant worry, PTSD, agitation, impatience and/or emotional burdens, Your potential benefits are many: emotional and mental balance; more zest and inspiration; less worry and more joy; inner peace and calm; ability to stay focused and on task; and a greater sense that everything is OK and going according to Plan.

Join us as we bring forth a spontaneous deep sleep activation that you can memorize for your nightly sleep protocol. We encourage you to teach your kids this protocol as well as your parents, friends and colleagues.


What People Are Saying:

“I have listened to the Restful Sleep Activation two nights in a row. Both nights I fell asleep as I was listening to it. I found that I slept more deeply those nights as well as woke up before my alarm went off. I would highly recommend this activation to people who are struggling with sleep.”
~ Laura W.

“Kenji’s Sleep Activation allowed me to have a deep and restful sleep where I woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed. Beautiful. Many thanks. “
~ Nancy W.

“I love Kenji’s new sleep activation. I’ve used it nearly every night for the past 10 nights or so and slept better than I have in years. So funny, cos mostly I fall asleep within the first couple of minutes and haven’t even heard the end of the activation yet. I highly recommend you try this – I’m delighted I did!”
~ Jaz G.

“This has put me out a few minutes into the activation. I had to listen to it out of meditation while gardening to hear the entire content lol. I am sleeping much better!”
~ Janet H.

“I woke up feeling refreshed and awake. I also did not do wake up during the night. Thank you, Kenji.”
~ Kelly H

“Wow Kenji! I just loved your sleep activation! It was so relaxing and completely knocked me out….which is good thing! Thank you so much”
~ Karina

“I purchased the sleep activation for my partner and he loves it. I love Kenji Kumara. His energies and teachings are Superb.”
~ RG, Nottinghamshire UK

“I’ve started dreaming again and I remember them! This activation empowered me as it taught me how my own habits interfere with sleep. I felt inspired to cultivate healthy sleep habits. This activation deepens my sleep and the results support me through your the day. I am more aware when I need to shift gears, take a break, get out in nature, or connect socially.”
~ Amy S.


Preparation for sleep: 

Turn off all electronics one hour before bedtime; keep electric clocks, cell or landline phones away from your head; your bed needs North-South or East-West alignment for best sleep-head at North or East direction; Turn off WiFi at night if possible; call in the 4 Pillars Of Light for your home; use natural fiber bed sheets/pillow cases, blankets, mattresses and pajamas if possible; drink 4 oz of water; fresh air flow in your bedroom if possible; and evening cleansing bath or shower as needed. Mantra: “I now rest in peace”.

Science Notes:

Doctors have warned for years that Americans are not getting enough sleep, with health consequences ranging from drowsy driving and irritability to an increased risk of dementia, heart disease and early death. Now, a recent study suggests that one particular type of sleep may be especially important when it comes to how the brain responds to stressful situations.

The research, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, found that people who spent more time in rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep — the phase when dreaming occurs — had lower fear-related brain activity when they were given mild electric shocks the next day. The findings suggest that getting sufficient REM sleep prior to fearful experiences may make a person less prone to developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the authors hypothesize.

The study isn’t the first to suggest that REM sleep delivers unique benefits. Some experts even believe that it’s actually a lack of REM sleep and a lack of dreaming — rather than just poor sleep in general — that’s responsible for many of the health problems Americans suffer from today. Here’s what scientists know so far — and what they suspect — about REM sleep, dreams and what happens when people are deprived of both.-

Recorded live Mon, July 20, 2020 – New Moon