Snow Full Moon – Possibilities


Recorded Activation
46 minutes Audio + Video
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You are graciously invited to attend this spontaneous presentation on Possibilities: Timelines of probability, potential, alternatives and opportunities.

Whether you are ready to open up possibilities in your business and career, in your spiritual practice, in your relationship with the world and alternative realities and/or in your personal life and relationships – the power of Choice and Intension is your natural birthright, for Creator gave you Free Will to Choice your life experiences, dreams and goals.

In each moment, you have the power to Create another outcome if the one you are in is not satisfying for you and your soul. Where your focus is, that is where your energy is. Energy follows thought. You are a vibrational and energy Consciousness. Your body is vibrational consciousness. Everything in Nature is vibrations of Intentions. Outer space is a collection of vibratory consciousness, working in union and flow with Creator.

If you are ready for a more abundant life, a happier life, a more peaceful life, a more joy filled life – then please do attend Live and help co-create an amazing possibilities group activation. Your Inner Child would be pleased. Your pets are most welcome to attend.

We will have blessed assistance and support from Divine Mother, the Elementals and the sacred heart of GAIA

– The Unseen Made Manifest –

Recorded Live, Wed, Feb 16, 2022