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September 2021 and the 20th Anniversary of 9:11 has the potential to manifest some very intense and unexpected global events that can affect humanity and the course of evolution on this planet. I was given inner guidance to offer a short activational event to help prepare those that are ready to be able to withstand and transcend what may come down the pike, so to speak.

Many positive changes can also manifest during the month of September and if we are able to tune in and align with the celestial opportunities given, we can be in a more uplifted state of mind and be energetically prepared for what is to come, on many levels of Being. The major theme of this event will be one of letting go of fear and letting love in, staying centered and grounded no matter what is occurring and holding the internal state of Hope, Trust and Faith in all things, great and small.

Join us for another spontaneous live event and pass the word onto your peeps, colleagues, family members and those that may be experiencing emotional and psychological hardships at this time. Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live Sep 8th, 2021