Spring Equinox – New Beginnings/Awakenings


Recorded Activation Meditation
Audio + Video
51 Minutes



In this special Spring activation event, we will take a deep quantum dive into your possibilities of New Beginnings and Awakenings. The Quantum Field holds all potentials and manifestations through the power of Love and Allowance. Whatever you can dream of, you can create and manifest. Whatever you daydream of, you can accomplish. Whatever you can fantasize, you can materialize. Whatever you think about, you can do on the physical plane.

Spring is a time of planting your spiritual seeds into your cosmic garden. Your plan for this year will be nurtured by the Water element, the Earth element, the Fire element and the Air element. Water gives your spiritual seeds nourishment for growth; Earth holds, supports and gives energy to your seeds; Fire ignites the power within the seeds; and Air brings flow and carries your Seed Thoughts to God and the benevolent Universe for expression in divine right timing.

Join us for a lovely springtime activation as we work the the Elemental Kingdom in the awakening and seeding your divine ideas. Your pets are most welcome to attend.

– Your Body Reflects The Earth Elementals –

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Spring Equinox Is All About New Beginnings. … Everything is happening in divine timing, and the spiritual meaning of the 2021 spring equinox is no exception. A celebration and sacred symbol of fertility, this season is equivalent to a collective rebirth, cosmic revival, and new beginnings.
And with spring comes a welcomed sense of renewal. Spring represents an awakening. Its many images and symbols speak of our rejuvenation, our coming out of winter’s hibernation with energy and enthusiasm for what comes next.
– Faith Forum

Recorded Live Sunday, March 20, 2022