The Journey Beyond: A QUANTUM RECALIBRATION – 15 Activations (Monthly Price)

$24.50 / month for 2 months

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15 Activation + Bonus

5.5 Hours of MP3 Audio
Recorded in Om Sanctuary
Recorded in Asheville, NC – Sep 23-28, 2019




This package contains Kenji’s Asheville Quantum Recalibration Retreat, The Journey Beyond. This six-day immersion experience was Kenji’s first ever retreat done in Asheville, his new 2019 home, after being Divinely directed to relocate to this area, from the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, to the lush trees, flowing waters, and ancient mountains. Now he lives in a tree house, delivering his one of a kind offerings and healings to those who seek personal transformation.

This retreat is/was truly a magical, miraculous, powerful and unforgettable experience for all who participate. The initiations and attunements contained within are designed to EXPAND, EMPOWER AND ENLIGHTEN YOUR BODY & SOUL, as well as to assist Mother Earth in her ascension process. As you immerse yourself in these activations, you are guided on how to let the work do the work and to support our beloved Mother Earth through the local vortex and celestial alignments. Your willingness to open and receive all that is given and flowing in each moment of the retreat determines the depth of your experience.

Get this package and let Kenji hold the sacred space for your personal transcendence, transformation and awakening into what more is possible for you supported by the Realms of Light and Love. Your participation includes an invitation to your ancestors, family members and your team of guides and angels to participate and receive the very same gifts of Spirit; your healing also heals your lineage ~ past, present and future. Powerful Stuff!