“We Are Ready” Starseed Gathering


Activation Meditation
Recorded Live May 20, 2023 (a 5 day. 5 is a freedom number)
Length 48 Minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



A personal invitation to you. Please join us if you resonate. Blessings, Kenji

A special one hour “starseed” and generation z gathering to channel and anchor 10th dimensional quantum light and sound to humanity and GAIA (new earth). We will hold sacred space for the great shift so GAIA can comfortably make her conscious ascension into the 5th and higher dimensions as we leave the old matrix behind.

It is time to stand strong in our knowing, in our faith, in our trust in the Divine. It is time to keep our throat chakra open and functioning. It is time to come out of the shadows of time. Time to shine our light onto the planet. Many Enochian angelics will be with us as well as the enlightened inner earth civilizations. The Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Sanat Kumara/Lady Venus and the Green and White Taras will support our spontaneous meditation. The council of 11 will also be present.

We will “in-vision” our new earth reality and matrix. It is time to close up and collapse all the old timelines of duality and separation. It is time to co-create new timelines of prosperity, abundance, joyfulness and connection. The old is passing away so the new may arrive. A new dawn is here. This day is one of many initiatory events for GAIA and humanity during this decade.

We will be able to channel high frequency light and sound into the grid system, chakra system, the power spots and sacred vortex areas during this online event. This event will remain live, organic and evergreen, so it will be relevant for a very long time and each listening will be in the present now moment.

It is encouraged to prepare your pineal-pituitary-thalamus for this gathering. A detox bath in preparation for the light is suggested. Be out in nature if you can for this live Zoom event. Your ancestors and pets are encouraged to attend on the 5th dimension. See this as a celebration of Spirit.