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"After Kenji's last appearance on You Wealth Revolution Network... "It was an incredible experience! Now after the call, I am starting to see that whatever suffering or challenges are my choice based on my perception. This truth has been echoed by great masters. Now I can see where it is in my life and that I am choosing it in a few places. Now the journey for me is to let it go. I wonder what will happen over this next amazing month!"

Darius Barazandeh
Darius Barazandeh, Author description

Kenji Kumara just delivered a brilliant call and activation. I'm grateful. Quote from Kenji: "Live in enchanted neutrality. In Oneness with supreme detachment. Let go of the old ways of doing life to be in the New Earth. We are problem solvers on a cosmic level." .... We're blowing the roof off during our bonus Q&A session with Kenji Kumara right now! Think about this gem of information that Kenji just shared: Self mastery comes when we are not affected by other people’s emotions, feelings and behaviors. Whoa!

Debbie Dachinger
Debbie Dachinger, Masters of Quantum Healing Event

Today's show was AWESOME beyond words. Many a times when Kenji speaks I get this sense of everything said is being addressed to me directly. Even though it is a group/public event, it takes on a quality of Personal Session.
Today was no different. In fact , even more so than ever.
Thank you John Burgos for facilitating this.
And Kenji Kumara, yup, you rocked!!!!

Aparna Ekbote , John Burgos- Beyond the Ordinary Show

I just listened to your replay with Darius and found it powerful. I felt vibrations in my face as the golden light became stronger. My body felt so light after compared to before. I really needed this now as I felt I had been taking on others energy. I am so grateful and will be listening to youwealth and your activations a lot more from now on. Love and light to you and Darius.

Elaine Mc Guinness, Darius Show- You Wealth Revolution

I am blessed to be one of those who met Kenji on his first interview with Sheila Gale and from that moment he won my heart. I am a Follower, have bought many of his programs and I consider him one of my very few beloved mentors... He is an amazing being and his gifts to humanity is priceless! As is the Reveal summit! Thank you so much for bringing all these beautiful souls together, thank you for all that you do!

Lumi V., The Reveal Show

Bless you dear soul. .
There are few in this world who touch my heart and bring tears with just their voice today.
You did it too.

Aparna Ekbote, Ivy League Love Academy

Kenji’s Blog


November 11th, so?

November 9, 2015
What is all the hype about 11:11? You may be hearing of people getting prepared to mediate for 11/11/15, or perhaps inviting you to join some sort of ascension ritual or at the very least you are just hearing lots of gab about it. Regardless of why it was included in your awareness, I am sure the more important question is WHY is it so important? What could possibly be the big deal? Repeating numbers such as 111 or 222, 333, even 999 are said to be angel numbers. Different sets of numbers could be implying different topics. For instance if you continually look at the clock when its 2:22 or you see numbers around you all the time such as license plates or phone numbers and addresses that all point to 222, its said that you are being sent a message from, well, maybe the other side. You can Google any set of numbers you find all day long and you will probably receive as many different explanations as there are number combinations. However the one common denominator remains, something (or someone) is trying to get your attention. Regardless of the message, or the repeating number, we should take a step back at the time you are aware and just breath deeply, notice what you were just thinking about or doing. Were you rushing somewhere irrationally, maybe you were deep in thought about what your life purpose is, or maybe its an even simpler thought just about a loved one. Whatever the case may be, know that it is no accident. Know that you are being guided; being looked after; cared for and most likely being reminded that you can do what ever it is you intend. As for November 11th significance, that is similar to the repeating numbers you may find around you, except on a larger scale, of course. If for no other reason just because it is a number that has alignment written all over it. This could be good enough for some to make it a day to notice life more, mediate longer, and be friendlier. It certainly doesn’t happen every day, so it does make it cool in that aspect, but it does happen every year so its not that cool!   Sometimes planets in the sky may have an effect on the day, for example this 11/11 we will have a New Moon, which is always a great time for new beginnings and to ask for your dearest deepest wishes. So even if you are not a numerologist nor partake in social gatherings for aligned numbers, do know this, any reason to readjust your life, take a step back and appreciate this beautiful world we live in, is as good a reason as any.   Enjoy and happy 11/11 J

Seasonal Affect Disorder- Don’t Believe the Hype!

October 26, 2015
Seasonal Affect Disorder- don’t believe the hype! During this time of year a lot of us may have “daylight” issues with the turning back of the clocks through most of the United States. If you live in one of our wintery/cold areas, then you very well may not be getting enough daylight. Seasonal affect disorder is real, however you can combat it and detour away from depression over the long winter months. First and foremost, don’t give into the concept that you have this disorder. Positive self-talk and daily affirmations, meditations, etc. are very beneficial during the long winter months, if not mandatory. However if you still feel that you struggle with this ailment, here are some things that will keep you uplifted and bright. *Try to get as much sunlight as you can, draw back your curtains, act like a cat and lay in the sunlight. This can help immensely even if just for a few minutes a day. *Another great tip, which I can personally say saved me, find something you like to do in the winter months. Whether it is an inside job like knitting or painting or if you are an active person try skiing or ice-skating. Having something to look forward to doing during this time of year, that you love, can make all the difference in the world! *Get enough rest but don’t overdo it. Definitely watch your intake, eat foods that make you feel good, not make you regret or crash and burn. This has a huge effect on your overall health and can keep you in a much more positive vibe. Eating healthy and getting the right amount of sleep is always a plus! * Taking vitamins, no matter what your diet is, may help you to feel better. Vitamin D is the sun vitamin, as your body naturally absorbs it form the sunlight. Adding this vitamin to your daily routine will help your bones AND your mood. * Be close to nature! Even though it may be dreary or cold, going outside when you can always helps. Being closet to nature or the water has a calming affect on most of us and just breathing in fresh air is beneficial. Its fun to snuggle on the couch during the cold days but try to get that blood flowing too and go for a walk! We wish you all the love and support through this cold time of year, but you always have us! Include Kenji’s activations in your daily routine and you can steer clear of a lot of ailments all together! Email us with any of your helpful hints too!! You deserve all the happiness in the world!!

You Can Do IT!!

October 21, 2015
Many of you have seen Kenji's postings and images about his climb to the top of the red rocks at Boynton Canyon. Truly motivational and definitely inspiring. We may sometimes get caught up in news of depressing information; maybe the financial outlook of the world is not uplifting, or too many negative articles on diseases or killings. It is important to not only chose to read encouraging material but I would say it’s absolutely mandatory. People that follow Kenji or other spiritual healers and workers are a special kind of people. Most know how, as well as do, their best to live a life full of optimism and love. However it doesn’t hurt to remind you that choosing what you view, read, listen to and the company you keep is vital to your well being on a day-to-day basis. Do you surround yourself with company that wants you to be the best you can? Do you have the support that you deserve and desire? Do you know that you can do absolutely anything you want to? Well if you don’t, then this is a reminder that you are amazing, you are special and you can do what it is you want, even if you have hit roadblock after roadblock. Don’t ever give up on your dreams and if you don’t surround yourself with cheerleaders then perhaps ask for some. I have put together some tips on how to stay in a state of gratitude and joy as much as possible. Maybe you already do these often, perhaps you have strayed or maybe this is all news to you, either way, please do share with us your joys and triumphs and perhaps any additional things you may do to help keep your mind, body and soul on the right track. Some tips on how to help keep yourself in a spiritual, grateful place to live a beautiful life that you deserve! MEDITATE!! This will always be my number 1, why? Because it allows a few things; taking time for yourself on a daily basis, enjoying being with you, allow all resistance and thoughts to fade away so you are able to connect with your true self. Also improves health, sleep and assist in having a peaceful mind. The benefits of mediation go on and on, and you can start with as little as 5 minutes a day. Just like anything else, you get better with practice, don’t give up. Drink Plenty of Water- This is just as important as mediation, keeping your body hydrated helps clear your mind, assists your body in digestion, controls appetite and can even help ward away colds and diseases. Lemon, room temperature water is great to drink first thing in the morning! Don’t skimp. Smile- Smile often, to yourself and to strangers. It doesn’t hurt, it’s easy, it can boost your mood, raise your vibration, and even make you feel better. If you want to take it a step further, then laugh! Find something that makes

After the Transformation…

October 15, 2015
I am writing this blog today to help any of you who may have encountered a transformation, either with an online activation or a live event, maybe a personal one on one session, or even a session with another healer.   Regardless, caring for yourself after you start shifting your awareness is very important and very beneficial. Here are some awesome tips to help you do just that! Before and After Care: Always allow time and space to contemplate your desires for your session and/or workshop experience. What is most important to you, for you, in your life now? What is the greatest gift you can give yourself through this experience?  Ask yourself, “Am I truly ready for change and transformation”? Can I be in total trust and allowance for what is to come from my experience? Can I trust to be guided emotionally in my new openness and freedom (freedom from fear, doubt, worry and stress)? After receiving the work, go home, relax, and take a nap and bath. Get good sleep that night. Allow quiet time to integrate and contemplate your new quantum state. We suggest you not go out, socialize or be around people after your sessions or event. The work is subtle, delicate and can go very deep into your Core. Be gentle with yourself and allow your consciousness and body to fully receive and be nurtured. Drink lots o lemon water and eat in balance. The work continues to work after your initial attunement The work is cumulative and builds upon previous session work. Best way to integrate the work is to allow to go beyond “process and therapy” to a more instantaneous state of miracle transformation and change. As a general rule of thumb even for anyone, try to remember to embrace all emotions that come forth with love, gratitude, thankfulness and joy. Then, release them unto the universe. Feel what you are and own That as a living presence within the greater whole. Regarding old symptoms coming back even stronger or more intense after feeling great after your session, especially your initial session: Oftentimes, the symptoms appear and intensify and then transform and are no longer there immediately after the session. What sometimes happens is that some people have difficulty with holding a free state and tend to go back to what is comfortable. And, at times, there is a layering effect and there is resistance in the mind-body connection that does not allow for complete transformation. And, sometimes when a person who just received a session goes back into their old environment and/or relationships, they may tend to re-create the old stuff back since there is free will. Sometimes, a person has unconscious resistance in the mind to fully accept and receive and, sometimes a person does not have a strategy or belief system about spontaneous healing or instant transformation or miracles even though they want to believe in them. Self worth has a lot to do when people have difficulty self-healing.

Want a better night’s rest?

September 16, 2015
Sleep... ahhhh the thought of sleeping, should bring feelings of restfulness and contentment.  By all means it should, sleep is essential to our wellbeing! It protects your health, all health, mental and physical, so depriving yourself can cause chaos in your daily life as well as your body. While sleeping, you are regenerating your cells as they are are cleansed and cared for, your brain is recharged, and your body is exempt from any activity at all to do nothing but rest.  Peaceful, right? Well not for everyone.  Some of us have problems night after night,  tossing and turning, never falling asleep or having a sound sleep. For some, it may not happen often but when it does,it's never a fun experience. Watching the clock keep ticking away, wondering if you will ever fall asleep, some may even reach for the bottle of sleep aids or OTC sleep syrup (never a good idea). However, there ARE some things you can do, naturally, that can aid in getting a more peaceful and sound sleep!  Simple to do, take a look: TURN IT OFF!    A big no-no before bed is using electronics.  According to feng shui your not even supposed to have a television in the bedroom.  This may be far fetched for some, however taking note of the electronics you do have and keeping them out of the way for bedtime is defiantly suggested.  Try not to use computer, cell phones, video games, TV, radio, etc within one hour before bedtime. Keep all electric clocks, cell phones, and any other electronic equipment away from your head. OPEN THE WINDOWS:  Some of you may live in climates where opening the windows during the night is difficult, too cold, too hot, too nosey, etc.  However even leaving the window open just a crack can allow for some air to circulate in and send you off to dream time.  Try also turning off all lights, a completely dark room works much better. MASSAGE:  Massaging the feet before bedtime can really help in getting you to sleepy land.  There are points in the feet that, when massaged, can be relaxing to your entire mind and body.  Don't worry if you are alone, you can do it yourself with the same benefits! WATCH WHAT YOU EAT:  Stop eating at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.  This will aid in digestion as well as allow your body to unwind and be calm in time for slumber.  Deserts and sugars, of course can have stimulating effects, even if you don't feel it, your body is still reacting to it.  Refrain from sodas, beer, wine and coffee in the evening and replace with a sedative natural tea. MEDITATE:  Doing work or even reading books or magazines before bed can keep us awake.  Instead try to take a nice relaxing shower/bath and then meditate before bed.  This is a way of allowing your body to go through the natural progression of a calming 6-8 hour rest. Even just a 5-10 minute breathing relaxation routine


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