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"After Kenji's last appearance on You Wealth Revolution Network... "It was an incredible experience! Now after the call, I am starting to see that whatever suffering or challenges are my choice based on my perception. This truth has been echoed by great masters. Now I can see where it is in my life and that I am choosing it in a few places. Now the journey for me is to let it go. I wonder what will happen over this next amazing month!"

Darius Barazandeh
Darius Barazandeh, Author description

Kenji Kumara just delivered a brilliant call and activation. I'm grateful. Quote from Kenji: "Live in enchanted neutrality. In Oneness with supreme detachment. Let go of the old ways of doing life to be in the New Earth. We are problem solvers on a cosmic level." .... We're blowing the roof off during our bonus Q&A session with Kenji Kumara right now! Think about this gem of information that Kenji just shared: Self mastery comes when we are not affected by other people’s emotions, feelings and behaviors. Whoa!

Debbie Dachinger
Debbie Dachinger, Masters of Quantum Healing Event

Today's show was AWESOME beyond words. Many a times when Kenji speaks I get this sense of everything said is being addressed to me directly. Even though it is a group/public event, it takes on a quality of Personal Session.
Today was no different. In fact , even more so than ever.
Thank you John Burgos for facilitating this.
And Kenji Kumara, yup, you rocked!!!!

Aparna Ekbote , John Burgos- Beyond the Ordinary Show

I just listened to your replay with Darius and found it powerful. I felt vibrations in my face as the golden light became stronger. My body felt so light after compared to before. I really needed this now as I felt I had been taking on others energy. I am so grateful and will be listening to youwealth and your activations a lot more from now on. Love and light to you and Darius.

Elaine Mc Guinness, Darius Show- You Wealth Revolution

I am blessed to be one of those who met Kenji on his first interview with Sheila Gale and from that moment he won my heart. I am a Follower, have bought many of his programs and I consider him one of my very few beloved mentors... He is an amazing being and his gifts to humanity is priceless! As is the Reveal summit! Thank you so much for bringing all these beautiful souls together, thank you for all that you do!

Lumi V., The Reveal Show

Bless you dear soul. .
There are few in this world who touch my heart and bring tears with just their voice today.
You did it too.

Aparna Ekbote, Ivy League Love Academy

Kenji’s Blog


Want a better night’s rest?

September 16, 2015
Sleep... ahhhh the thought of sleeping, should bring feelings of restfulness and contentment.  By all means it should, sleep is essential to our wellbeing! It protects your health, all health, mental and physical, so depriving yourself can cause chaos in your daily life as well as your body. While sleeping, you are regenerating your cells as they are are cleansed and cared for, your brain is recharged, and your body is exempt from any activity at all to do nothing but rest.  Peaceful, right? Well not for everyone.  Some of us have problems night after night,  tossing and turning, never falling asleep or having a sound sleep. For some, it may not happen often but when it does,it's never a fun experience. Watching the clock keep ticking away, wondering if you will ever fall asleep, some may even reach for the bottle of sleep aids or OTC sleep syrup (never a good idea). However, there ARE some things you can do, naturally, that can aid in getting a more peaceful and sound sleep!  Simple to do, take a look: TURN IT OFF!    A big no-no before bed is using electronics.  According to feng shui your not even supposed to have a television in the bedroom.  This may be far fetched for some, however taking note of the electronics you do have and keeping them out of the way for bedtime is defiantly suggested.  Try not to use computer, cell phones, video games, TV, radio, etc within one hour before bedtime. Keep all electric clocks, cell phones, and any other electronic equipment away from your head. OPEN THE WINDOWS:  Some of you may live in climates where opening the windows during the night is difficult, too cold, too hot, too nosey, etc.  However even leaving the window open just a crack can allow for some air to circulate in and send you off to dream time.  Try also turning off all lights, a completely dark room works much better. MASSAGE:  Massaging the feet before bedtime can really help in getting you to sleepy land.  There are points in the feet that, when massaged, can be relaxing to your entire mind and body.  Don't worry if you are alone, you can do it yourself with the same benefits! WATCH WHAT YOU EAT:  Stop eating at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.  This will aid in digestion as well as allow your body to unwind and be calm in time for slumber.  Deserts and sugars, of course can have stimulating effects, even if you don't feel it, your body is still reacting to it.  Refrain from sodas, beer, wine and coffee in the evening and replace with a sedative natural tea. MEDITATE:  Doing work or even reading books or magazines before bed can keep us awake.  Instead try to take a nice relaxing shower/bath and then meditate before bed.  This is a way of allowing your body to go through the natural progression of a calming 6-8 hour rest. Even just a 5-10 minute breathing relaxation routine

On our Journey!

August 5, 2015
Hello again from the Red Rocks! We had our first free activation for the special blue moon event last week, although the activation was great, it certainly didn't go off without any hitches! Tech issues seem to haunt me and we really had lots of those issues over the weekend.  My apologies to anyone it frustrated, my team did their best to get as much information out as they could and answer all the emails and FB posts!  I know I am moving into a much better place, energetically as well as professionally so please bear with me while I branch out of this cocoon to help you all as dearly as I can! In the meantime, just to keep us connected and to be reminded that we are always on our journey, here is an expert from "The Aware Show" I did with Lisa Garr back in 2013.  I hope you enjoy it!   Lisa: Tell me how you got started, I mean, where, when... how did it all begin for you? Kenji: It began when I was born….When I was born I started my path, and when I was age 5, I said, “Mommy, who am I?” She said, “You’re Japanese.” ...and that actually began my search. Age 5. I knew, at 5 years old. I was asking the question. If she would have said something like, “You are that you are.” You know, “You are the ‘I Am spirit.’” I would have went, “Cool! I got it.” But since she said, “You’re Japanese”, that really started my quest and actually it began in my first year in college, when I was 23. Kenji: I was the wanderer for probably 20 years in which I never stayed in one place physically for more than 6 months. I was always seeking out swamis, psychics, channelers, healers, anybody that I thought had what I was looking for, which was basically... I think deep down, because I’ve had an effendi for Yeshua, also known as Jesus, I on some level wanted to see if I could find how he healed. Of course, I haven’t. Not on the earth plane. I’ve had to go on the other levels, but that was my conscious quest, was to find out how Jesus healed, and also how Buddha attained his awakening. Those are my two favorite guys, as I was in my early years of seeking. Lisa: Wow. When someone goes on a quest like that, usually after some time if it works or if it doesn’t work they will make a decision, but you kept going until you found answers. So how did you know the answer that you were finding worked for you? How did you know that? Kenji: Well, believe it or not, back when I left my last teacher and knew that I had to create my own practice, so to speak, and be on my own, that was at the end of ’06 and I taught my first training on

The New Children Are Arriving

July 26, 2015
They are being called by many names - The Children Of Oz, Indigos, Crystal, Golden, Dawn, The Golden Ones, Violet Ray & Psychic Kids. They are coming from different places within our Universe and Galaxy - The Pleiades (7 Sisters), Sirius B (a Star), Cassiopia, Aldebron, Arcturus, The Vega System (a Gate-way), Antares and a "Galaxy Far Far Away" (to use 'a Star Wars term). These children volunteered to come to Earth to bring awareness, enlightenment, healing and a new way of culturing our environment and planet. Some are being born fully awakened and realized; others arrive with much awareness of their psychic and spiritual gifts, which most people would call "supernormal" or "beyond belief". Most of them come with the inner knowledge of who they are and why they have come at this time. All require grounding in the physical world, loving support gentle nurturance, acceptance, discipline and compassionate guidance, especially within the school and medical systems, which they see as out-dated and irrelevant in many cases. These children have come to show humanity a new vision, another way to get the job done (restoring planet Earth to her pristine beauty and balance). They have come to give us a vision of mankind's highest potential and how to use the other 90% of our untapped brainpower. They are also here to help us heal our inner fears, doubts, insecurities, judgments and limited thinking. These children are being born in every culture and religion, into single-parent families as well as well-to-do ones. They hold our future - in high technology and science, the creative arts, medicine, politics and economics, education, religion, spirituality and the alternative healing arts/sciences. These gifted " masters", ranging in ages one to 9 mostly, if not supported and understood, end up joining street gangs and cultist rock groups, in psychiatric hospitals (in extreme cases), being labeled ADD, ADHD, hyperactive, aggressive, non-responsive, emotional & learning disabled special-needs kids, misfits, uncontrollable, undisciplined, problem children slow learners depressed, lonely, suicidal withdrawn, and the list goes on. By the same token, if understood and lovingly supported by their parents and teachers, they become well adjusted, creative, highly intelligent and end up in gifted and talented programs. Some have graduated from college by age 10-12. These children generally know more than their parents and teachers, so it is important for all of us to be open to learning from these very sensitive beings. They come to show us who we are, for they mirror everything back to us instantly. All these new age children are natural healers. All are very telepathic, empathic, clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient. They are able to read your thoughts and feelings and are highly sensitive to chemicals, additives, artificial lighting, loud noises, electromagnetic radiations, processed foods, sugars, salts and generally anything that is disruptive and out of balance with Nature. These empathic souls know when you are not telling the truth about anything, and when you hide your feelings from expression. It is so important to tell these souls the whole

Why some people do not heal?

July 21, 2015
     Are you one of those who has gone to all the medical doctors, healers, energy workers, therapists and counselors you could find, and come away still wondering why your symptoms are still there, even after many years? Are you one of the many who have gone to workshop after workshop, get high and in a beautiful place, only to come crashing back to earth and your original state of discomfort, dis-ease and stress? I used to wonder what circumstances and conditions would knock my clients and students “out of the state” after a couple of weeks from their session or intensive. Clients would come in with a whole laundry list of lifelong symptoms, everything from depression, loneliness, lethargy, hopelessness and chronic pain of the first order. 99% of the time, they would leave pain-free, depression-free, symptom-free and energized for life. But they would hold the state for only a few weeks, and begin to experience some of their old symptoms again. 99% of my students would leave the training with a whole new outlook on life, feel source-connected, jubilant and full of energy, only to backslide back into their old symptoms. Again, I would wonder if their environment, their family situation, their financial situation, their boring job or lack of one, brings them back into their “old world” of separation and dis-connection. What follows are some thoughts I believe are the contributing conditions to why some decide not to come for assistance, or follow up on their initial experience, and why some people tend to not fully heal from their initial experience. The ego mind, or false perception/belief, may do everything it can to prevent or distract you from coming to or following up with someone who could assist you in your spiritual development. The body might produce a sickness, low energy, loss of willpower and any excuse (like I got relatives coming over) for not being available for your enlightened and transformative experience. Sometimes the symptoms appear and intensify and then transform and are no longer there immediately after the session. This is called a quantum healing crisis that some experience. The value of this is so you can experience it and let it go so that it does not re-occur on any level of your consciousness. You keep the wisdom of the experience. What sometimes happens is that some people have difficulty with holding a free state and tend to go back to what is comfortable. And, at times, there is resistance in the unconscious mind that does not allow for complete transformation. And, sometimes when a person who just received a healing experience goes back into their environment and relationships, they say, “You know, my husband does not believe in this”, so therefore, it must not be real. Sometimes, I person has unconscious resistance in the mind to fully accept and receive from another or God, or angels and the session goes only so far, even though the state is there in their energy field for complete

Query Into Consciousness about addictions, co-dependency and recovery

July 14, 2015
Overview:   We are in a time where we are being called to let go of the old ways of doing things, including therapy and healing, and to allow the new quantum models of Being, Knowing and Connection to anchor into culture and spirituality and religion. If the old ways are not working anymore, or it is taking you 5 years of therapy and counseling and bodywork to get you to this place where you still are needing that "missing piece", then you are in the right place to hear these words. That missing piece is the quantum, the quantum world of where anything is possible right here and now; where new choices from the soul echoe through the halls of your consciousness; where joy and love can replace fear, anger, frustration, depression, loneliness, grief, sadness and despair. Do you know that bliss is your natural state of beingness? Do you know that joy is an expression of being in the zone, the flow, the Now? Do you know that you are not your symptoms, diseases and injuries? Do you know that you do not have to live in pain and suffering and stress?   The Query: Why are you still in recovery? Why is it so hard for you to change your situation? Why do you feel you could go into relapse? Why are you so out of control with your habits? Are you conscious of your attitude towards your addictions? And your emotional makeup? Are you aware of the cause and effect relationship with your addictions? What is your reason for your addictions? How are they serving you, or not serving you? Are you in denial and escape? What are you running away from? Are you afraid of yourself, your power, your truth? How have you been hurt in your birthing process and/or your early childhood? How were you abused in early childhood and adolescent years? Were you bullied and picked upon? Did you receive abuse from the church and school? Were your parents undertanding of you? Did they love you unconditionally? Did they accept you unconditionally? Did they see you for who and what you really are? Did they support you on all levels to be who and what you are? Did they support your vision of you, your life, your dreams and visions? How are you psychic and sensitive - to others, the environment, know things others don't, feel and see what others cannot? Do you feel alone, afraid, powerless and not being able to fit in? Do you stop yourself from fully expressing yourself? (Did you know that one can have an addiction and co-dependcy to anything: Alcohol, sex, people, power, job and status, food, exercise, noise, violence, criticism, clutter, meditation, money, busy-ness, doing for others, TV, scary movies, video games, gambling, street drugs, poverty, anything you can imagine - and they are all symptoms of the same cause - lack of belief in oneself) What would happen if you could change your life? How


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