1:1 Mentorship Session

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1:1 Mentoring Sessions

Divine Balance Harmony Integration

In this 1 on 1 mentorship program Kenji will serve your needs to the highest abilities while supporting your spiritual journey. He will teach you his techniques, exercises, meditations and empowerments in a safe space to learn and evolve spiritually.

This program is for illumination, liberation, and greater empowerment connecting to your Higher Purpose – in a unique and powerful time as humanity moves into the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius… the time all of us light bearers have been waiting for!

Kenji offers a mentorship program that is all-encompassing that lifts up into spirituality and into the connection of your entire being that includes your business (or the one that’s soon-to-launch), your life, and your spiritual growth ongoing practice.

Kenji will work with: -The power of questions -5D perspectives -Akashic Records, angels, masters and star councils -Your agreement with New Earth -Your Chi flow, MicroCosmic Orbit, chakra flows, auric emanations, Antakarana and I AM connection -Potential past life memories of Atlantis, Lemuria, Maladek and the Sirian Star Cluster -Any in utero, birthing and early childhood memories -Family enmeshment patterns -Reward and punishment patterns -Any feelings of fear of God that has resulted from dogmatic religion experiences Testimonial:

“It was a wonderful experience working with you as my mentor/teacher for the last 5 weeks. The Divine led me to you, and I am so grateful you said yes to mentoring me. You were so gracious and generous in sharing your wisdom, higher knowledge and peaceful presence with me. My inner child felt truly held, supported and safe during all of our sessions. I also appreciated how much was accomplished in only 5 short sessions together as we completed everything on my original list and tons of personal transformation! Thank you for all your loving support and kindness. May you be blessed in all ways with abundance, love and prosperity.”

Laura Maven Star, Sacred Oracle for the Divine Feminine Rising

Missed appointments: There will be a $50 rescheduling fee for all missed telephone and in person sessions. There is no fee charged for 24 hour notice by email to cancel your appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

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