1:11 Stargate – The Arcturians


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46 Minutes

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Please join us for my 1st 1:11 Stargate presentation. Our focus will be to channel and embody the Energy of One through the 11 Stargate. Our Arcturian brothers and sisters will hold the space for us to move into the higher dimensions through the 11 Pillar of Light. The Arcturus star system holds, amongst other levels, the frequencies of spiritual healing, subatomic healing, cellular healing and dna/protons-electrons-neutrons restructuring and recalibration for the New Earth energy. They also hold the divine balance of the masculine and feminine and the capacity for deep womb healing.

Lets reconnect with the Arcturian transformational energies and ignite your remembrance of your Arcturian lineage and gifts from the 7th dimension. Your pets, as always, are most welcome to attend as well as the New Millennial generation. Let’s come together and celebrate our divine connection with this High Council of Light. All activations are live, organic and evergreen.

The Sequence:
A Gate = An Opening = A Pathway = Awe & Wonder = The Light Experience = Alignment Through The Chakras & Meridians = Endocrine System = Subatomic Cells = Embodiment = Grounding to 5D

Recorded live Jan 11, 2022