April 16 New Moon Meditation – Healing The Wounds


Liberated Illumination through Trust and Empowerment, Igniting Joyful Connection.
Monday, April 16, 2018
5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ET
Replay and MP3 Recording available


When we arrived onto this planet of Green, we had no idea how dense and aggressive our cultures would become. We had no idea of the harshness that would manifest amongst nations. We had no idea of the division and separateness the religions of the world would create. We also had no idea how passive mankind would become, on the level of open-mindedness, change and transformation.

Perhaps a very few came in without the Veiling of the matrix, but, by and large, humanity got stuck in the density of narrow-minded thinking and ego-based behavior. So now we are here, at a pivotal point in evolution, to choose once again, the destiny of humanity and nature. We are at a crossroads. Which way shall we go? And, are there roadmaps and sign posts to show us which way is which?

Much of mankind has, is, and/or will experience the wounding of emotional turmoils, mental fragmentation, cognitive failure, disconnection from their psyche and general pain and conflict from the stressors of daily living and survival. Is there a way out of the matrix of suffering? Is there hope for mankind?

Much of humanity carries within their pain body, the memories of abuse, punishment, tortured agony, neglect, abandonment, shame, ridicule, judgment and prejudice from early childhood and the formative years of their incarnation. We carry in our sub-conscious the guilt of divorce, separation, job loss, homelessness, bankruptcy, and not fitting in. We carry the anxiety of the future, the stress of the unknown and the general thought of, “Am I going to make it through all of this?”

In this quantum presentation on healing the wounds of the psyche, we will bring forth the sacred space to open up to our wounding from a quantum perspective – the Voyager space – and then to initiate the vibrations, knowing and space to heal and transmute our pain and suffering. Our ultimate destiny is one of bliss, oneness and joyful connection. We will bring in the “soulness” into our body, into our emotions, into our mind so we can finally be free of the suffering from not only this lifetime, but all lifetimes where we have suffered and not healed.

Are you ready to feel free of the limitations and self imposed restrictions on your consciousness? If so, then this event is for you.

We ask you to sign up a significant other with you for this call. When two or more are gathering . (and pets are most welcome)