Choose Again New Moon Online Activation


Broadcast Monday, July 24, 2017


If we have free will, then that implies, by definition, we have free choice. We have free choice to choose and create our life experiences: emotional states, psychological attitudes, physical well being, spiritual outcomes and physical circumstances. We have the innate power, in spite of our situations, to move mountains, to turn wine into water, to walk upon water, to feed the masses with one loaf of bread.

Choosing again means we have the power to choose love over war, balance over chaos, clarity over confusion, inspiration over depression, joy over loneliness, harmony over conflict, compassion over anger and forgiveness over jealousy.

We can choose to go within or we can choose to stay outwardly focused. it is up to us to choose. If we find ourselves out of sorts, we can choose to take a breath, relax, go within and to reconnect with our spirit of joy. Or we can choose not to. If we do not like our current situation, we can choose to transform it and manifest a different outcome. It takes practice, patience and purity of heart.

In this quantum transmission, we will go into your conflicted areas of discomfort and difficulties and help you to bring forth solutions, ideas and intuitions that you are ready to embody in your life. We will be supported by the angels of peace as we bring forth from our spirit, the answers to our stress and anxieties.

Peace be with you, Kenji