New Earth Transmission 7 – Council of 7 Revisited


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As we continue forward with these NETs, in today’s unique event, we will revisit the New Earth (Peace) Council of 7. I am sure you are familiar with this Council, and today’s event will strengthen your divine connection with them.

This particular Council is comprised of (1) St Germain, (2) Mary Magdalene, (3) Kwan Yin, (4) Serapis Bey, (5) Kuthumi, (6) Lord Adonis and (7) Ruth, one of the disciples of Yeshua. Also in the background will be the Elohim of Peace and Cherubs (for light-heartedness)

We will meditate, connect, commune and integrate their wisdom into our consciousness and etheric body. It is time to learn the symbiotic relationship of the New Earth Beings with our physical world. It is time to expand our spiritual community to include the realms of Light and Love that overshadow our realm. They desire for us to work with them in a more conscious understanding so we can accelerate the Quickening to the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Peace.

Your pets are most welcome to attend. Archangel Ariel will be with them. Your ancestors and family members are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live Thurs, July 22nd, 2021