Dialogues With Remarkable Souls:  Tanja James


– a virtual journey of discovery and delight –
Your host: Kenji Kumara, M.A.

Thurs, Mar 26, 5pm Pacific


Remarkable Soul: Tanja James

Tues, March 26 @ 5pm Pacific

Theme: Transform your Negative Thinking so you can awaken to your deeper Purpose!

  • Tanja is going to share with you in this talk her go-to list for healing negative thinking patterns:
    – By starting your day with the right mindset you set the energetic tone for the entire day with this simple practice! Tanja will be discussing some different mindset strategies and taking callers to tune in for them to see with method is best for them.– By calling your Higher Self and Spiritual Support Team you invite Higher Consciousness to assist you throughout the day. Tanja is going to share with us a simple process that she uses daily to connect to her Team.
    – By becoming friends with all your thoughts a natural dialogue with them occurs to transform them back to love. It is through honoring and acceptance you can breathe love inspiration and support to the places that need it.
  • Connect with Tanja

Special Free Gift for All Participants:

  • A short guide to healing negative energies, accompanied with a healing mandala

Listener Benefits

  • Shift into a deeper love with yourself.
  • Fully embrace the life you want and create it right now
  • Have extraordinary experiences and Love everyday of your life


Tanja James assists empaths and sensitives on their journey to create wholeness in life and relationships through channeled guidance, vibrational healing, and c0-creative coaching. Tanja is the founder of the Ascending into Truth Spiritual Summit and teacher of using practical spirituality in your daily life, self-healing, and connecting deeply with your True Self and the Gifts you came here to share with the world.

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