Health Restoration II (Part 3) Brain-Kidney


Broadcast May 24, 2018
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This is for only one part of the 3 part “Health and Restoration II” series.  You can purchase the full 3 Part Health & Restoration Series at a discount here.

Health Restoration – The Brain and Kidneys (Migraines, Bio-Chem Actions)

In this presentation, we will go into the Brain and its functions as it relates to Kidney Chi, cognition, memory, the limbic system and the Pineal Gland. The brain is the “computer center” for the body. It regulates all body functions and processes. If the mind is not clear, it cannot send the correct signals to the brain for every day health. The brain will misfire. When this happens, symptoms begin to appear. The head relates to our individuality and autonomy.

We will uncover the roots of our misunderstandings and perceptions so we can bring resolutions to such conditions as migraine headaches, brain fog and mental unclarity. Aligned with our heart center brings inner peace and harmony and a good night’s sleep.

Kenji’s recordings are evergreen, so they can be used forever with the same benefits. We also suggest drinking water before and after listening to the activations. Do not listen while operating heavy machinery, using power tools, and/or while driving. Please be grounded before driving your car.

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