Magnetic Healing Part 3 – Vertical Field Reconstruction Pre 11:11 Gateway


Recorded Live Nov 9, 2023
47 Minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



In this Part 3 of the Magnetic Healing Series, we will go into Vertifical Field Reconstruction and review Part 1 (15 Pt Activation/Solar Pt) and Part 2 (Bipolar Zones and Bilateral Zones activation and realignment). As with all these 7 Magnetic Healing classes, we will be assisted by Archangels Christopher and Gabriel, Mother Mary and GAIA.

Magnetic Healing covers all layers of the body, sub-atomic and cellular levels and affects the emotional body in a positive way. Body Magnetics addresses mind-body distortions and malalignments, chronic pain, disease patterns, post surgery conditions, emotional blockages, general fatigue, the neuromuscular system, the skeletal system and the immune system.

In this class, the Archangels will assist in the reconstruction and realignment of your chakra system in a very unique process. Alignment benefits may include enhanced spiritual awareness, interactive attitude, inner tranquility, improved inner perception and clarity, greater appreciation for Life, calmer stress response, more harmonious chakra regulation and a greater peaceful lifestyle. This class will build upon the previous two and the benefits are cumulative and work over time. Healing crises are minimized. Changes are subtle and profound. This session can be either received laying down or sitting upright.

Prepare spiritually for this class. Detox baths are recommended before and after classes. Light a white candle and burn high vibrational essential oils before class to prepare your space. Wear white, gold, pink colors. Bring a water bottle, notebook and pen. Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend in the 5th dimension.

11:11 Stargate energies will be present.

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