Mothers Day Blessing/Healing


Activation Meditation
Recorded Live May 8, 2022
36 Mins
Early Bird till May 5



This is a special event for all mothers around the world. Join us for a global celebration of all mothers as we give tribute and honor to the divine mother archetype and those who chose to bring forth into incarnation the light being generation of healers and teachers who are serving the planetary awakening and healing of humanity and the collective Inner Child. It is time for all mothers to receive their due, their healing and the blessing from GAIA as we all move through these challenging times of great change and transition into 5D consciousness.

It is time for all mothers to clear their historical trauma, pain and suffering so they can begin to serve others from a clear and abundant space of divine clarity and purpose. We will bring forth all aspects of the Mother so we all can celebrate the gift that all mothers bring to this planet and the Elemental Kingdom. It is time for all mothers to receive their Blessings and the power of Grace into their hearts and souls. The angels surround you in gratitude for a job well done, indeed.

– The Power of Infinity surrounds you –