New Earth Transmission 10 – Sacred 10 Initiation


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You are invited to attend this most unique New Earth Transmission on the Sacred 10 Initiation that has the power to alter and change your life forever. We will use the power of 10- the power of 1 and the power of 0 which equals 1, or ONE. We will harness the universal power of WILL combined with the power of the Unlimited or Universal.

This sacred initiation consists of activating, recalibrating and resetting your

1. Will power and 1st Creation Ray
2. Pineal gland and vision
3. Original 8 Cells of Creation at your base
4. Assemblage/Still Point in your chest
5. Immune system and spleen
6. Corpus Callosum and hemispheres
7. Celestial chakra system
8. Medulla Oblongata at the base of the skull
9. 5th-10th dimensional bodies
10. Power of unlimited thought

Be prepared for another powerful infinite activation that can change your life forever. This new earth transmission will be assisted by 10 angelic guides working in conjunction with the ascending sacred heart of the New Earth Mother/Goddess.
The effects of this class will be ongoing and unlimited in its application in your daily life. Most of the effects will be beneath your level of conscious awareness, so trust in the process.

“That was AMAZING Kenji! Took me awhile to get back!! Thank you so much if you get this! That one definitely went OUT of this world! Just wonderful!  Thank you with all my heart!”
— Mary B.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live Wednesday, Oct 27, 2021