Over the Rainbow

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 Are you…

  • Ready to soar above pain and suffering and distractions to experience all you came here to be, do and have?
  • Tired of the old karmic treadmill and facing the same issues and problems over and over?
  • Excited to really break through whatever has been keeping you stuck?
  • All set to energetically vibrate at the level where miracles are created?

If so, take a journey within to move out of our unconscious pain and suffering and fear to a place and space of allowance and love.

As the world is being challenged to move into a new way of being and doing, we are being called to live at the level of our highest expression where our gifts and potential are fully realized NOW in this very moment.

To do that, we must clear our stories, blocks, patterns and stuck points.

The fastest way to do this is in the Quantum Field where any small shift of energy affects the entire field. It is within the Quantum Field that we have the capacity to make massive shifts and changes to our long-standing issues of self-identity, self-esteem and self-healing rapidly and with ease and grace.

I’m offering you a way out of your pain and suffering.

Together we will journey through the Quantum Field to understand our deepest stuck points and be guided to shift out of them and into the realm of possibility and miracles. Together we will move out of separation and duality thinking and into the heart of oneness and knowing.

This journey of discovery promises to be a remarkable awakening of your divine potential, skills, abilities and talents. You will be inspired to greater self-confidence. You will feel the love that flows in, through and as you. You will open to receive the blessings that are yours to have through the power of Grace.

Activation 1
Time: 17:26

Activation 2
A Way Out of Your Suffering and Pain
Time: 46:25

From this journey in the Quantum Field, you will:

  • Regain a memory of a place of internal peace that surpasses all mental understanding;
  • Experience a shift from your current head-based perspective of your life to a heart-based focus of loving presence and compassion;
  • Release the stress stored in your power center;
  • Rebalance your foundation and connection with Nature;
  • Reboot your brain functions;
  • Recalibrate your nervous system to higher frequency vibration;
  • Restart your immune system
  • Access much more miracle-mindedness that lies just below the level of your conscious awareness.


“Highly recommend Kenji if you’re ready for miracles jump in the water of transformation to live your passion and service to world! Love~ Serve~ Remember. Kenji holds and extends a special DIVINE Light of Christ Love here to awaken and transform those ready for their higher purpose. Loving you, Kenji!” – Michelle C.

“I am lit up in the emerald green, the pink and the gold. My inner teenager is radiant and strong. We are blended now, with deep love and compassion for this opportunity on Earth to Be who we came to Be. Feeling serene and peaceful and heart felt gratitude for Kenji.” – ‪Kathryn

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  1. Elouise

    Wow… Ale piÄ™kny pies ten Big Sp8&ahs#l230; Ale 1,5 miliona $ za pieska? :p TroszkÄ™ dużo… Mój kosztowaÅ‚ mnie niewiele, a kocha na pewno tak samo:) 15 sierpnia 2012 o 20:37

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