St Germain Day


Recorded Live May 1, 2024
48 Minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Let us come together in union with St Germain, the Violet Light angels and the ascended masters on this special day to pay tribute to this beautiful soul and the work he has brought forth for humanity for many centuries. We have an opportunity to come together on the inner planes to bring forth the love light of creation for the planet and humanity as we channel the divine light into the chakra system and ley lines of our beloved GAIA, to the Devas and Elementals and into the core matrix of Earth Mother.

In St Germain’s inner sanctuary, we will join in the immersion of transmutation and divine alchemy for all of life here on Earth as we receive that frequency into our own bodies, minds and souls. This will be an event of deep cleansing and purification for our 4 lower bodies, and this purification will go to our ancestors, family members and pets. This transmutation will last for the whole month of May, so come prepared for miracles and true magic.

Bring a water bottle, notebook and pen. Activations are evergreen and repeated listening is recommended. Your benefits will be received below the level of conscious awareness and will penetrate into your dna, rna, chromosomes and genes. Effects will be subtle and profound, as you allow according to your belief and trust in Self. Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend on the inner planes.

St. Germain

May 1st is known as St. Germain’s Ascension Day. He is the keeper of theSt. GermainViolet Flame of transmutation and freedom, and a sponsor of the U.S. Each year on this day he and the other ascended masters and angelic realm that utilizes the Violet flame bless the Earth with an influx of this powerful transmuting flame. Due to the urgent need of the hour he will do so for the entire month of May. We can powerfully assist and use the violet flame daily by visualizing it transmuting the Earth and humanity. The Violet Flame is powerful in clearing away toxic and dark energy. This flame is predominant during the transition and evolutionary shift of the Aquarian Age. We can assist by visualizing and channeling this energy into the Earth (and ourselves) as we literally serve as bridges between Heaven and Earth. The Violet Flame is a great tool to make the changes we are desiring now and rise up to the innovation and creativity of our times. – Nancy Robbins

Saint Germain is known as the Ascended Master who is the keeper of the Sacred Violet Flame of Healing.

There are other Ascended Masters– Jesus being one as well. Saint Germain has lived many lives including Prophet Samuel of the Old Testament, Sir Francis Bacon, Saint Joseph, A High Priest of Atlantis, Christopher Columbus, and Merlin to name only a few. He is often pictured as the well-known alchemist known during the reign of Louis XV, King of France ( 1710-1774). He was King Arthur’s spiritual mentor. – Jane Holliwell

Saint Joseph, 1st century AD, Nazareth. Husband of Mary and guardian of Jesus. In addition to what is commonly known about Saint Joseph from New Testament accounts, information in apocryphal writings and more recent revelations fill in some details. For instance, Joseph and Mary not only bore the Savior Jesus but six other children, both male and female. In contrast to traditional portrayals, Joseph was not merely a carpenter but an artisan in stone working and an adept in the spiritual arts. The family lived within a devout community, the Essenes, whose beliefs included the oneness of all life, that God dwelt within each soul and in his creation, and that striving and purity of motive were the way to God’s heart.

Joseph, like Mary and Jesus, experienced visitations by angels. And it was Joseph’s courage to be obedient to his own prophetic dreams that proved to be key to his role as guardian of his family. An appeared to Joseph in a dream to reassure him that he should marry Mary although she was many years younger than he. After the birth of Jesus, an angel appeared to warn Joseph that Herod sought the life of the newborn. The family escaped to Egypt until it was safe to return to their home. Joseph made his transition before Jesus entered into the fullness of his teaching and healing ministry. But Joseph had fulfilled his inner vow to protect Mary and to nurture and instruct Jesus.

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