Top of Bell Rock Vortex Activation


MP3 Download Available
Recorded on top of Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ
27 Minutes


A live activation on top of Bell Rock, Sedona to align with that vortex-portal and other vortex spots in and around Sedona. An empowering grid system activation for cleaning and balancing the Sedona Grids. This activation assists in bringing forth Clarity, Divine Balance and Empowerment for any area of your life that needs clarity and focus (business, relationships, money, self esteem, career path). Feel the power of the Sun energy and the vistas of expansion and vision. We called forth the Guardian of Bell Rock and the native energies from the ancestors who walked the land here. Remember your connection to this sacred land.  Kenji also called in the Elementals, Nature Spirits and animals of the area.

This activation was recorded live on the top of Bell Rock during a hike on 12-16-18.  Run time: 27 minutes.

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