Yeshua Ascension Day


Recorded Live May 9, 2024
39 Minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



In this unique event, we will be moving beyond the traditional and historical ideas and concepts of the resurrection and ascension and into the quantum realm of the meaning and purpose of Yeshua’s ascension and illumination. This will be a deep journey into the mysteries of the spiritual hierarchy and how your ascension process is guided by your path of initiation and your commitment to self and soul realization.

The path of initiation is not an easy path for it takes great commitment and courage to climb the mountaintop and to endure what is entailed in the journey to self mastery and manifestation. We will gather in Yeshua’s sanctuary or ashram on the inner planes to experience what he experienced in his incarnation as Jesus, and the levels he went through that was not recorded in the bible – his spiritual birth and baptism; his transfiguration and dark night of the soul; his resurrection and ascension; his illumination and enlightenment; and his great decision.

This event is also a tribute to his spiritual work and dedication to Source in fulfilling the ancient prophecies for mankind and the spiritual hierarchy. You could say Yeshua represents the nevel level hu-man prototype for the divine human.

Come prepared for this auspicious event by detoxing the body, communing in Nature and enhancing your earthing and grounding. Bring a notebook, pen and water bottle. Your ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend on the inner planes. Activations are evergreen and repeated listening is recommended for maximum mind-body benefits.

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