Ultimate Sedona Tour Package (49 Activations)


7 Sedona Packages
49 Activations
32+ Hours of Content



In this incredible Sedona Tour Package, get all 7 of Kenji’s Sedona Packages.

These packages come infused with the warm, spiritual energy of Sedona’s red rock vortex.

This ultimate package includes 7 Sedona packags, with a total of 49 activation.

Here’s what you get:

  • Sacred 7 Sedona Vortex Activations Package (7 Activations)
  • Emerging From The Shadows Of Time (5 Activations)
  • Phoenix Workshops Package (6 Activations)
  • Joy Of Awakening (6 Activations)
  • Activate Your Joyful Soul — Immersion Sedona Retreat Package (14 Activations)
  • Immersion In Light Sedona Retreat Package (5 Activations)
  • Sedona Meditation Series (6 Activations)

Learn about each package:

This Sacred 7 vortex package is a unique empowerment series that brings in the powerful vortex grid energy of some of the major power points in Sedona. These signature activations contains the ancient wisdom of the Elders, the blending of the male and female portals, the power of the Christ and Divine Feminine as it expresses through these power openings for the transformation and balancing of mind, body and soul. Attune to the nature spirits, devas and elementals as they embrace you with their love and compassion.

Remember your connection with the land and your ancient knowing. Much clarity, vision, purpose and integration is given in these spontaneous transmissions from the Oneness. This package benefits your whole family, pets and ancestors as all are called to receive in their soul the remembrance of who they are and their divine purpose.


In the Immersion into the Divine Feminine energies of the Chapel vortex of The Madonna/Christ Child, the 2 Nuns and Indian Chief, we deeply received the Grace and Blessings of this wonderful vortex. We called in The Ancients and Elders and received the healing frequencies of the Divine Feminine and Christ Consciousness. Our remembrance was triggered of our red rocks connection.  Kenji also called in the Elementals, Nature Spirits and animals of the area.  (View Solo Product)


From the top and back side of this beautiful red rock vortex, this activation activates the divine feminine energies of Mother Mary and her healing presence. We aligned this vortex with the other major vortexes of the greater Sedona area – Boynton Canyon, Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Castle Butte, Doe Mt, Cockscomb Butte, Birthing Cave, Long Canyon, Fay Canyon, West Fork in Oak Creek Canyon and others. We call forth the area’s Nature messengers such as the Birds and Wind element. We sat in the stillness of the vortex and received guidance and clarity according to our intentions and prayers. We invoked the Ancients and the Elders who walked this land to bring us Wisdom and healing. Be prepared for a deep inward journey.  (View Solo Product)


A beautiful calming and relaxing vortex activation at Oak Creek near Buddha Beach. Enjoy the mellow rushing sounds of Oak Creek as the water rushes over the smooth multi-colored rocks on a clear and sunny afternoon. And feel the gentle wind as it moves through the trees along the creek. And the singing of the birds in the distance.

In this healing activation, we brought forth the frequencies of supreme clarity; clarity of purpose, clarity of vision, clarity of your next step amd clarity for the healing of your body. We called forth the support of the vortex elementals, nature spirits and devas as they aligned with your intentions for self healing and fulfillment. The cleansing of the brain, spinal column and base of the spine was also offered from the realms of Oneness. This is a deep meditative journey into the heart of Nature as well as Self.  (View Solo Product)


Guided meditation for aligning the Sedona vortex grid system with some of the other important grid points on the planet. Aligning to the red rock Ancients and Elders who walked the land and brought forth the wisdom from their star systems. Bringing clarity and empowered expression of your next step. Receiving divine balance and harmony. Calling forth your ancient knowing of your connection to the Sedona Vortex Grid System.  (View Solo Product)


A special organic and evergreen Boynton Canyon vortex activation/meditation designed for alignment with the Sedona grid system, Nature/Elemental  connection/Boynton Canyon wildlife, remembrance of your connection with the Christ Energies, the encodements within the canyon walls/cliffs, the Kumara lineage and your interstellar galactic connection. Boynton Canyon is a balance of the divine masculine and feminine vortex energies. This activation includes Warrior Rock and Kachina Woman vortex energy.

A powerful quantum level healing and elevating activation for mind, body and soul using the 1 and 11:11 gateway energies. The periods of deep silence will allow you to go very deep within to make that essence and oneness connection. Allow the Wind to help you journey within. Deeply relaxing, nourishing and celestially-supportive for your spiritual journey Home.  (View Solo Product)


A live activation on top of Bell Rock, Sedona to align with that vortex-portal and other vortex spots in and around Sedona. An empowering grid system activation for cleaning and balancing the Sedona Grids. This activation assists in bringing forth Clarity, Divine Balance and Empowerment for any area of your life that needs clarity and focus (business, relationships, money, self esteem, career path).

Feel the power of the Sun energy and the vistas of expansion and vision. We called forth the Guardian of Bell Rock and the native energies from the ancestors who walked the land here. Remember your connection to this sacred land.  (View Solo Product)


Take a vortex journey into the Portal at 7 Sacred Pools and immerse yourself into the energies of Baptism (cleansing and purification). A unique vortex activation where we invoked the presence of the Ancients and Elders and remembered our divine connection with this land. We were initiated into the Portal/Gateway we found on a rock symbol and received the  gifts from higher dimensions. Kenji also called in the Elementals, Nature Spirits and animals of the area.   (View Solo Product)

This journey will be one of self-discovery, release, and clearing, in order to raise your energetic vibration to the level of neutrality where miracles occur and life flows with ease and grace.

  • Align with your heart energy
  • Enhanced clarity and focus
  • Heal traumas and anxiety
  • Awaken spiritual gifts and intuition
  • Enhance feelings of love towards others
  • Confidence in your relationships, health, business, and well being



Start your journey and inhale; relax every ounce of yourself and breathe in all the intentions for this retreat.  Allowing this excursion to bring you all the benefits you desire as you go inside and align with the amazing connections and healings to take place.  Use the breath to bring in and set the stage for this magical multi-activation voyage, allowing all possibilities to be present and welcomed.



As we continue on our path, we ground our body to the earth; positioning and protecting and aligning ourselves to the amazing energies we connect to.  Inviting the 7 rays of light to illuminate all that we are becoming aware of, both in our physicality and the Quantum.  Connect your heart with that of the great central sun while igniting your pineal gland.  Create intentions to release any past traumas, opening your third eye to clarity and recognition, enabling you to move forward in this life path.




Are you feeling Stuck? Need assistance in money, business, and relationships? Tune right into this activation to propel you forward into the life you deserve.  Detach from all the negative surroundings including the problems of the world and reclaim your own space.  Take a moment to release your shadows, representing pain, fear, anxiety, and worry. Letting them go and breathing in miraculous consciousness. Awaken your entire body, while bringing in the earth mother to help release all the extra pain you may have been carrying. You are on your way to an enlightened path, your angels are here to guide and help you safely on your journey.



Connect once gain with your 4 Arch Angels, as you feel your body relaxing and merging with the earth. Surrounded by guides, angles and soul family to help support this experience you are encountering.  Calling forth your star brothers and sisters of light to raise the frequency of your field and connect with the power of the Phoenix. Bring healing to your whole cellular and physical body, any parts that may need repair while relinquishing any trauma that is left.  Allow this amazing clearing from the beginning of this lifetime, and breath in your own essence.  Completing you and restoring all that has been released, removing all sacrifice and pain and ascending into a higher realm.



Detach and remerge with the golden arc of light to divulge into the deeper dimensions of your being.  From this greater perspective we can download all the golden sun energy right into the heart of your pineal gland.  Enabling access to unlimited information along with your own Akashic and Soul records.  You have access to all the power, knowledge, and guidance allowing you to see all that is needed and wanted. Envision your pyramid of the Pineal, Pituitary and Thalamus glands as your trinity and embark all the power that is there for you.  Put your Ego aside and take control as the director of your life, the pilot of your lightship, the creator of all of you in all your dimensions and parallel realities.  Feel the energy, feel the love and emerge as the full complete source you were meant to be.

Recorded live at Kenji’s Weekend Retreat – May 27-29 2016 SITD Retreat

Join Kenji Kumara for this 6-part Meditation Mastery Series recorded live from Sedona, Arizona, October- December 2015. These organic, evergreen recordings are a great addition to add to your healing library and include in your daily practice. Filled with loving joy and amazing healing abilities these recordings continue to build upon your past experiences helping increase energy and application every time you listen! Just like with all of Kenji’s recordings, you will take away from this series exactly what is needed for you at this time. Sit back, listen, enjoy and receive all the wonderful messages waiting for you.


Dec. 6, 2015 Asfaleia Center
Scottsdale, Az.

During this live-recorded activation, you will create a safe place, allowing you to delve deeper into meditation, while permitting yourself to receive all the transformations you require in your soul and body. Feel the presence of your soul family and connect consciously on a deeper, more intimate, level. Let go of all concerns and center in this ‘now’ moment, bringing forth all the wonderful vibrations, energies, even nutrients to help self correct your body and soul. You will have a chance to Anchor a vibration of local peace right in your own neighborhood! Connect yourself and spread the wonderful vibrations all throughout your home as well as your hometown!

With these activations you can:

  • Recalibrate your chakra
  • Reset and Retune Healing Abilities in your Body
  • Send Vibrational Peace in your Own Community
  • Move out of confusion
  • Regain Clarity, Empowerment and Destiny Purpose

The Joy to Awakening Summit is a series of highly vibrational meditations activated by calling forth the ancestors that have done ceremony in the magical land of Sedona to bring forth the drums of rebirth, the drums of resurrection, the song of nature in its rebirth into a new Earth.

Wherever you are physically, you can allow these vibrations of the Earth combined with the pure Source energy, The I AM, Christos, to activate in and around your body to create balancing and support of your internal process for awakening to your original essence, signature vibration.

Kenji Kumara guides you in this 5-part series to make way for transformation of your Divine blue print, strengthening the connection between your conscious self and your soul, and to set a new intention of how you want your life to be from this new point of view, and to experience an awakening of tremendous joy within you.

The body may have a reaction to these activations, be aware this is normal and you may need extra rest and nourishment.

This series also includes a bonus of the Sedona Hiking Activation. Listen to it and receive, as though you are physically sensing the exhilaration of, the energies of the Sedona Rocks.


Allowing the sounds, vibrations and Source energy from these spiritual meditations to move you into the Quantum field of Oneness, you can match your frequency to the Chakra system that overlays the major vortex areas or you can look at it like a Tree of Life imposed around the sacred sites in and around Sedona. Either with the Tree of Life or with the Chakra system, which will affect the power points that overlay your physical body, you can allow yourself to feel the electromagnetic current, from the Earth and the Ancients.

Enjoy a journey into the soul of your deepest inner being to activate, heal and transfer a new code of light energy that both awakens and evolves your life to the next level. As you open up to this new frequency body-mind-and-spirit come together as one to share in a joyful harmony that naturally connects you to the greatest power of the Universe ~ Love.


This series of activations recorded from the February 2017 Retreat consists of the following activations.

Kenji’s recordings are evergreen, so they can be used forever with the same benefits. We also suggest drinking water before and after listening to the activations. Do not listen while operating heavy machinery, using power tools, and/or while driving. Please be grounded before driving your car or operating tools and machinary.