New Earth Transmissions Bundle


New Earth Transmissions Bundle
5 MP3 Downloads and Video

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In this very special 5 Part 2021 Transmissions Bundle, you get five of the new Earth transmissions events.These meditations are evergreen, so they will continue to work year after year.

Activations included:

  • New Earth Transmission 1 ($37 value, 1/24/21)
    • We will tap into the 5-D dimensional grid system and have the opportunity to move beyond 5-D into the higher dimensions as you drop the burdens of the 3-D and 4-D matrix. It is time to infuse your etheric and physical body with more divine light. The more light your body can embody, the more your consciousness expands and the greater Joy and Love you will express into the world. Your body has the capacity to hold 100% dvine light. At that point, your Inner Sun will shine brightly in all dimensions, in all ways, in all timelines.There will be periods of deep silence, as our core receives the Light. This is bey ond words, and anything is possible. Your ancestors and pets are welcome to attend and receive.
  • New Earth Transmission 2  ($37 value, 2/25/21) 
    • ​We will align with the sacred Heart of GAIA and the inner earth realms of 5D consciousness. It is time to reset our vertical and horizontal field and axis, empower our galactic and planetary Chi forces. and bring deeper awareness of our sacred brain centers, kundalini channels and original 8 cells of Creation.Help us to empower the planetary grid system, sacred sites and temples, and the vortex areas and mountains of our beautiful planet.
  • New Earth Transmission 3 – Life In The New Earth ($34 value, 5/28/21)
    • We will journey together into the 5th dimension (and more) of the New Earth and receive the wisdom teachings as it echoes your innate understanding of All That Is. Allow yourself today to receive the guidance that you have been seeking. Allow your physical body to be nourished with the healing atoms and molecules of New Earth awareness. Allow your mind and emotions to be healed through the power of New Earth Grace. Allow yourself to be Blessed with the Light of Understanding and the Peace that passes all mental understandings.
  • Nourish Your Physical Body – New Earth Transmission 4 (Full Moon, $34 value, 4/27/21)
    • Join me for a new moon activation in healing unconscious stress and tension. We will work on the 4 lower bodies in bringing forward your areas of unconsciousness relating to becoming fully awake, alive and a soul manifesting presence on the earth. Deepen your ability to expand, connect and align with your divine presence. This is an opportunity to make huge vibrational shifts in consciousness and heal long-standing issues of self identity and self esteem.
    • This transmission will inspire and ignite our deepest creativity and wisdom, so we can bring forward the wisdom teachings of New Earth and those Beings of Light who hold the space for Heaven On Earth consciousness and the ushering in of the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment and Global Peace.

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