Generational Healing 8.8 (Part 7) Sexuality & Sex Archetypes


Recorded March 2019
1 hour length

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Part 7 of an 8 Week Workshop Series using the power of 8 (As Above-So Below, Infinity, Oneness, Unity) .

Series Overview

In this unique online series, join me in un-earthing and uncovering the truth as we initiate the generational healing codes to clear not only your body’s DNA but the DNA of your current family members and your family tree. The buck stops here now as we delete the pain and suffering code and replace it with the peace and joy code, which is our natural inheritance.

** You can purchase the full series at a discount here

Part 7 – Sexuality & Sex Archetypes
Date & Time: Thursday, March 7th, 2019 at 5:00 PM Pacific – 1 Hour

Class 7 brings us to the Sexuality and Sex archetypes as we delve into the layers of programmed conditioning as it relates to the divine masculine/feminine. We will go into the layers of tribal consciousness to uncover the inherited patterns of dis-ease, dysfunction and disharmony and how we were taught how to perceive our roles as man and woman, parent and child, master and slave. This is another core area that is ready for transformation. The health of our 2nd and 3rd chakras is at stake. It is time for our bodies to heal from ancient wounding, abuse, neglect, shame and pain.

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