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  • For the advanced healer and teacher who wants to align with the Quantum Lightweaving® matrix. These packages reflect the energy of the retreat trainings and gives you access to the processes and techniques of the work.
  • For anyone who is ready to intensely work on and heal their blocks in consciousness, to align with the solution set and to begin to integrate the higher dimensions of their soul.
  • For those who are ready to go deeper into their spirituality and immerse themselves in an intensive experience of transformation, healing, elevated consciousness and freedom from limitations.
  • Designed to give the listener the experience of deep relaxation, peace and calm and the experience of oneness as you clear internal blocks in your body-mind field and align with the presence of your spirit. For the beginner and advance seeker.
  • These are selected universal themes that are addressed with the power to transmute, transform and transcend the limitations of the mind and ego. These are powerful inner journeys that can take you very deep within. For young and old alike.
  • Give your body a treat. Quantum Life pendants to help you tap in and tune in to the matrix. Water units to keep your body and garden healthy and alive.

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